Drake's "Nothing Was the Same": Drake is Maturing and Honing His Craft


Drake’s third studio effort “Nothing was the Same”, dropped on September 24th.  The anthems “Started from the Bottom” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home” were both huge hit singles; they display the wide range of artistry and skills that Drake possesses. Drake’s first two albums created a large genre spectrum: both contained calm R&B tunes as well as the hard rapping singles that echo throughout the radio station. Nothing was the Same, or NWTS, follows this pattern, though the range of styles is smaller. Every track exhibits a serene mellowness, R&B and rap tracks included. Even the single, “Started from the Bottom”, fits the mood of the album, transitioning well into “Wu-Tang Forever”, a nod to some of Drake’s early influences.

Drake’s third album is more a movement toward Aubrey Graham’s craft and ability as a rapper and R&B artist, and not an effort to sell or promote himself in popular culture. Fewer songs on the album follow the typical verse-chorus form; more tracks are written in A-B form. Some songs, such as “Furthest Thing”, are split into two distinct rap and R&B parts.

Drake’s strong emotions and melancholic tones are consistent across all his works. It was once said that Drake makes people “cry over people they’ve never met”, and this album reaffirms this criticism. Additionally, this album flows from track to track very well—an aspect of Drake’s music that many music critics appreciate.

Overall, Drake introduces fame, family, and frugality in NWTS. This album is a mature and thoughtful piece of work for any Drake fan or music lover, and ultimately a great listen.