Drunk in Love: The Remixes


Between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, artists from every corner of the music spectrum released remixes of Beyoncé’s latest hit: “Drunk in Love.”  They all offer their own flavor and take on the undeniably addictive track, only extending the span of Queen Bey’s influence even further.  Whether you’re into trap, hip-hop, slow and soulful tunes, there’s no doubt a remix out there for you.  Here at CVBU, we’ve selected our top 3 remixes that you need to check out ASAP! #1) Kanye West “Drunk in Love Remix”

Kanye West's Remix

Kanye’s “Drunk in Love” remix is nothing less than what we’d expect from this infamous rapper. It’s a catchy from the start and his verses flow smoothly, with splashes of his classic misogynist attitude thrown every couple of lines.  He mixes a nice amount of Beyonce’s original vocals in throughout the middle of the song, adding his own flavor at times – for instance, the female vocals from West’s “flashing lights” echoing Mrs. Carter’s rendition of those lines.  West’s remix is essentially a reworking of the tune with his own verse in the beginning, and Beyonce has already released preview music videos for this remix.  From what we can see so for, it’ll be a Western video including cowgirl Bey and all, stay tuned for more!

#2) Diplo, “Drunk n Luv”

Diplo Remix

Diplo’s rendition of this tune, entitled “Drunk n Luv” is a danceable remix filled with the smooth beats and twerk-able melodies that this LA-based DJ is famous for. If you’re looking for an EDM twist on Beyonce’s work, look no further. The main drop comes about 1 minute into the song, and it’s undeniably sexy – you’ll find yourself mindlessly moving to the beat and dancing in your seat.  It’s a great transition piece for those between mainstream hip-hop, EDM, or trap – if you’re not a huge fan of the electronic music movement, check out this remix as an example of how any genres can come together to create new and equally addicting sounds.

#3) Katy B “Vulnerable” and “Drunk in Love” Mash-Up


Katy B’s remix takes “Vulnerable” by Tinashe and “Drunk in Love,” to create a slow and soulful take on the track.  Don’t be fooled by the slow start, Katy’s passionate voice laid on top of a delicate piano melody create a soulful song that is hard to turn off.  She begins the song with lyrics from “Vulnerable” but throws in “Drunk in Love” for the second verse and the ending – and it is a gorgeous ending indeed.  Her delicate yet strong voice adds a sensual dimension to the song different from the one Beyonce put forth, making it a strong contender for anyone looking for a more R&B version of the tune.

So, there we have it – our three favorite remixes of Beyonce’s latest hit.  Listen to them all to hear 15 solid minutes of “Drunk in Love” transform from strong hip-hop/rap song to a danceable EDM track and finally a slow, soulful melody.

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