How are EDM Songs Produced?


Electronic Dance Music is without a doubt one of the most popular genres of music out there today. Ironically, within this popularity lies a large misunderstanding and mystery as to how these songs are produced. Luckily, this question has been answered by two of the most popular producers out there today: Henry Fong and J-Trick. These two producers have garnered much attention with their new Beatport Top 10 single “Scream” and were kind enough to share its Ableton Live project file publicly on

Not only is it rare for producers to share how they make music, but it’s unheard of to publicly display the production behind such a popular song.

Using the website, the two uploaded every detail of how they created “Scream”. Yes! Every detail. All 35 tracks, including noise sweeps, FX, Growls, Kicks, Bass, you name it.

This truly shows how the song comes together from all the different instruments and sounds. By simply clicking on an individual track you can hear the bass line, or the melody of the acid synth, or how they integrated reverse claps into their song. It is addictively interesting to click through and analyze how every layer is distinct and adds to the overall value of the song. Finally, if you press the main play button on the top the whole song plays at once showing how all 35 tracks come beautifully together.

As if sharing the file wasn’t enough, Henry Fong and J-Trick were so kind that they even commented on the file, leaving tips for producers about how to create good electronic music.

This is easily one of the most interesting and kindest things any producer has done for their fans. Not only does it unveil the mysteries behind production, but hopefully it will help new producers make their own music.

Thank you Henry Fong and J-Trick.

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