Ellie Goulding Lights Up Madison Square Garden


At an Ellie Goulding concert, anything could happen. And it did. For starters, that girl can seriiouslyyy shake her stuff. Not only can she dance like nobody’s watching (as if…), but her voice is truly unbelievable. Hearing her live only solidified her talent and the purity, uniqueness, and dynamic abilities of her voice.

Goulding’s concert kicked off with a performance by musician Conway, a singer/songwriter who packs the serious punch when it comes to pop songs. Her Gwen Stefani mixed with Karen O-sounding voice complemented the catchy beats of her hit songs “Killer,” “Hustler,” and “Big Talk.” As an opening act, Conway brought the energy and excitement necessary to get the crowd pumped for Goulding.

When Goulding finally graced the stage, the crowd roared. As the stage background lit up like Times Square after dusk, Goulding came out with a rush of energy and confidence, infusing the crowd with positive vibes that set the tone for the rest of her show.

Goulding played new hits and old favorites, alternating back and forth between singles off of her albums Halcyon and Lights. Her intense performance of “Figure 8” early on in her set got the crowed amped up for more. Another memorable moment was Goulding’s energetic throwback performance of “Starry Eyed,” one of her more popular tracks of off Lights.

A few covers popped up in Goulding’s set, including her cover of fellow Brit Elton John’s “Your Song” which she recorded for Lights. But the showstopper of the night was Goulding’s smooth cover of British indie rock band Alt-J’s “Tessellate.”

Although confident on stage, Goulding didn’t hide her vulnerability from the crowd: her touching performances of “Explosions,” “The Writer,” and “This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)” tugged at the heartstrings and created a mellow mood only broken by an incredible performance of “Anything Could Happen.” Arms flailed everywhere, lights flashed like crazy, and everyone sang along…even to the “eee eee eee’s”.

After this song, Goulding and her crew “called it quits,” but returned to stage after loud screams and repeated chants of “Ellie! Ellie!” from the crowd. Her last two songs, “Lights” and “Burn,” excited the crowd like no other. During “Lights,” almost everyone held their cell phone flashlights in the air; the small blue lights illuminated the darkness and created a community to celebrate one of Goulding’s most famous songs. For “Burn,” we all shook what our mammas gave us. Hard. And Goulding was right there with us, twirling and shaking and twisting like nobody’s business. Her refreshing goofiness, real emotion, and remarkable talent made us go “starry eyed” for her from the get go. If there’s one word to describe her performance, it’s hands-down “brilliant”…simply brilliant! (said in a British accent, of course).

*Check out Conway on Facebook and YouTube, and download Ellie Goulding’s albums on iTunes.