Emerging Artist: Haim


"Sounds like? Well, they sound just like…Haim."

I am beyond excited this week to enlighten you all on an emerging band hailing from the San Hernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA.  The band’s name?  Haim.  What exactly is a “Haim,” you might ask?  Well, it’s not a question of “what,” but “who” it is.  Haim (pronounced hm – rhymes with rhyme) is the last name of the trio that comprises the group.  That’s right, they are all related and, in fact, are all sisters.

Este (DOB: 1986), Danielle (1989), and Alana (1991) Haim are sisters that come from a very interesting musical background that might surprise you. This group of theirs (the trio plus a traveling drummer) was not actually the first band that they have been involved in together.  When the girls were much much younger, they were in a five-member band, that was rounded out by their parents.  They called themselves Rockinhaim and, believe it or not, love playing together even to this day.

2012HaimPR050412Something else you may not know about these sisters is that they are very close friends with an artist that was recently here at Bucknell.  Can you guess who that might be? If you said Ke$ha, then you’re right!  When Ke$ha moved out west to L.A., she quickly became friends with Haim and even asked them if they wanted to open for her on some upcoming tour dates. Crazy right?

As far as their music goes, it’s time to dive into what makes them unique and why you should be downloading all of their songs.  Because they have been playing music with their parents since a young age, they are bound to have some influences that are not always typical of women who are 20-somethings.  In a recent interview with Idolator, Este Haim (the oldest) was quoted as having “healthy doses of oldies, classic rock, ‘50s, [and] Motown,” and attributing this to her parents.  As most parents have some influence on their children’s music taste, whether big or small, it is not the ONLY major musical influence children have while growing up.  In the same interview Este mentioned that her friends and her “would listen to KIIS FM, Top 40 stations, [and] definitely TLC.” That means that these girls also had heavy ‘90s influences, as most 20-somethings do.

These descriptions seem to be giving a pretty in depth look into this band’s style and musical sound right? It seems like one could easily pinpoint their sound and compare them to some artist or group that existed anywhere from the ‘60s to the ‘90s.  So why is this article’s subtitle “Sounds like? Well, they sound just like…Haim.”? It’s because, in my opinion (which you can obviously disagree with), they have a sound that has never really been heard before.  Yes, they have bits and pieces of musical styles from different decades that you can point out.  For example, you can clearly hear Prince-esque beats in the background with a little R&B worked in, guitar riffs and vocal sounds inspired by Stevie Nicks, and that general ‘90s feel you can never quite put your finger on.  That still doesn’t change the fact that when you listen to them, you can’t help but feel like you’re listening to a new sound.

haimcdfinal3Thus far in their career they have released one EP entitled Forever, and three singles called Forever, Don’t Save Meand Falling (Forever video below, others linked).  They are currently scheduled to release their debut album this year after signing a deal with Polydor Records in the UK.

The trio has already won an award for “Sound of 2013” by BBC and opened for Mumford & Sons in 2012 who have been quoted saying “HAIM’s the f***in’ best band in the world.”  No joke.  I think that we can all agree that there is a lot to look forward to with this band of sisters.

If you’d like to see these fabulous women live in the near future, you’ll definitely have your chance, as they will be making their way around the U.S. appearing in several festivals including Governors Ball (NYC) and Firefly (Dover, DE). For a full list of tour dates, click here.