Emerging Artist: Paris Blohm


The first time I listened to a Paris Blohm jam was late on a Saturday night in 7th Street.  My brother had sent me one of his songs over Facebook, and my initial reaction was one of indifference (In my defense I was somewhat distracted by the multitude of papers and exams coming up in the following week).  However, after seeing my brother’s reaction to my take on the song “Presence,” I figured I would give it another shot – this time with my full attention.  I sat down, put on my favorite pair of Skullcandy Aviators, and blasted it. Needless to say, this song gave me butterflies – you know, the kind of butterflies you get when you hear an absolute masterpiece of musical genius (we all get those, right?).  With vocals written by MAKO and performed by the rising, Colbie Caillat-inspired Angel Taylor and a big house feel, this song hits home, and it hits hard.  What was perhaps even more moving than the incredibly sharp vocals and huge-hitting drop was the message Blohm wrote concerning his inspiration for the song.  Coming straight from the description of the song on YouTube, Blohm dedicates this song to his sister Chloe, who passed away in 2011.  Understanding the lyrics in this context really allows you to feel exactly what Blohm must have been feeling when he was composing this big hit: deep sadness combined with a light of unwavering hopefulness.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/77807114" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

But I’ve been discussing only one of Paris Blohm’s bangers out of his many extremely catchy tunes.  Having put out some work under the previous moniker Parisyte, Blohm has had some time to experiment with different electronic genres.  About two months ago, he chose to use his real name as his stage name and to focus on producing electronic dance music with a big, house feel. So far, he has been extremely successful.

And this success stems from a seemingly unrelated interest; Blohm attributes his initial experimentation with FLStudio – the production software he uses – to his interest in video games.  Becoming familiar with this software at an early age, he continues to use FLStudio to create all of his songs.  Someone who is familiar with the software might be surprised to learn this after listening to some of his finished songs, which have a high quality of sound produced by a technique known as sub-grouping.  This technique is also the same way he creates tracks with such a “huge” feel to them – you’ll understand what I mean by “huge” if you crank up the volume on a nice set of speakers while listening to one of his songs.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the odds for young Paris Blohm to blow up seem to be ever-increasing.  With a refreshingly inspirational and impressively big sound that will get everyone off their feet, expect to see Blohm at many rising and already established clubs and college campuses on the West Coast.  Don’t live on the West Coast, but still want to see Blohm live?  Don’t get too distraught; there is no doubt in my mind that he will be making his way across the country (world?) in no time.  Be sure to check out some of his tracks – many of which are a Facebook page like away from being downloaded – on his SoundCloud listed below!

Check the Soundcloud or the Facebook for this rising star!