Empire of the Sun's Newest Release Falls Short of Expectations


It has been four years since Empire of the Sun released their first album Walking on a Dream, titled after their hit single. The duo-band of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore were destined for stardom after Walking on a Dream won high praises in band’s home country, Australia, (the album was nominated for eleven Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) and won seven, including Album of the Year).  Now, in 2013, the band has finally released their highly anticipated second album.    Walking_on_a_Dream_coverIf you're new to Empire of the Sun, I strongly recommend checking out their first album for its combination funky electronic rhythms with acoustic and electric guitars seamlessly. Let's not forget their quirky and cool style - their live attire includes futuristic costumes with especially large headdresses. Weird right? I know. But their music is still killer. I really consider “Walking on a Dream” to be one of those album that I can listen to straight through over and over again.  To put it simply, as someone who enjoys various genres of music, this album has my highest praise for its musical qualities. Now as the head over heels Empire of the Sun fan that I am, I would have hoped that if it took them four years to release another album, that the album would be as good as if not better than the first!  Unfortunately, while I still enjoyed Empire of the Sun’s second studio album “Ice on the Dune”, in my opinion, it did not even scrape the musical genius shown on “Walking on a Dream”. That being said, the bar was set extremely high, and there certainly a few great Empireweirdsongs on “Ice on the Dune” that are must listens for those who know Empire of the Sun.  The album’s hit single “Alive,” "Awakening," and "I'll Be Around" are my top tracks, and are must listens from this album.