Entropy Tour: The Mau5 is Back


After just releasing his new album in June 2014, While(1 is less than 2), the Canadian producer and performer deadmau5 has been releasing teaser videos for his new tour in 2015 titled Entropy. The videos are made in true deadmau5 style: cryptic, hard to interpret, and very technological. There still isn’t much known about the details of the tour, but deadmau5 has been talking about it via his Twitter account and has released the two videos below hinting at the tour:


It seems as though the tour will be for his album While (1 is less than 2), or perhaps it may even be for his newest album 5 years of mau5 which is scheduled to be released November 25th of this year. 5 years of mau5 is said to be a double album featuring remixes of deadmau5’s music by EDM superstars Dillon Francis, Eric Prydz, Madeon, Botnek, Chuckie, Nero, and more. The songs which are to be remixed are still unknown, but with such a wide variety of fantastic music that deadmau5 has produced over the last 5 years the album will be amazing no matter what.

Given that it’s deadmau5, it’s best not to jump to conclusions about what his tour will actually be like. We’ll just have to wait to find out.