Event of the Week: Gary Thomas and the Jazz Standard


After studying hard on reading day, unwind with some relaxing jazz! Next Wednesday, May 1st, will be the final concert for the spring semester in the “Jazz@Bucknell First Wednesday Series”. Featuring Gary Thomas and the Jazz Standard, the concert will take place in the intimate setting of Bucknell Hall at 8:30pm, and is free to attend.

The Jazz Standard ensemble features Gary ThomasBobby Avey, Blake Meister, and Phil Haynes. Thomas, playing tenor saxophone and flute, leads the group. He has performed with an incredible number of household-name jazz musicians, such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Wynton Marsalis. Avey, featured on piano, is both a performer and composer. His compositions have one multiple awards, and he was praised by the New York Times for his debut record, “A New Face”. Meister, on bass, has won several awards for composition and performance. He helped developed a jazz studies program at Peabody Conservatory, and has also performed with several world-renowned jazz musicians, such as Larry Willis. Haynes, on percussion, is an artist affiliate at Bucknell and has been featured on many recordings of current jazz musicians. His talent in drumming has been compared to legends such as Jack DeJohnette, and his composition to the likes of Duke Ellington and Charles Ives.

Jazz at Bucknell is “a chamber series conceived to present international modern masters and young visionaries, showcasing the entire tradition of jazz, from standards to the Avant-Garde, with an eye on artists who continue the innovative tradition of the music with their personal approaches to sound, style and composition.” All semester, every first Wednesday of the month has featured a different jazz performance. For April, which is Jazz Appreciation Month, there have been an extensive number of jazz concerts on campus as well. The concert on Wednesday will also serve as a conclusion to Jazz Appreciation Month's celebration at Bucknell.