Have You Ever Wondered how DJs Make Their Music?


[image source: Wikipedia] Many of today’s top hits in music don’t have a single “traditional” instrument, nor even a single bit that was live recorded. Martin Garrix’s “Animals”, for example, was all done on a computer program with a mouse and keyboard. To get an idea of how it works, check out this interview:


The dawn of electronic dance music (EDM) has pushed aside guitars, pianos, and bass guitars in favor of synthesizers, which has consequentially lead to crazier sounds than ever before imaginable. Whether people like it not, digitally created music is the future.

So, what “instruments” do these DJs use? It all begins and ends with Digital Audio Workstations, or DAWs for short. DAWs are basically fully integrated virtual studios that that can do anything that a physical studio can do and can recreate almost any physical instrument. They also have the key advantage of being much more portable than a traditional studio since they are programs that can be simply downloaded onto a laptop. Furthermore, another benefit is that there are millions of plug-ins online that can be added to most DAWs. It is no surprise that these programs have grown in popularity so quickly. Below, I have taken a small sample of some well known current producers and categorized them by the DAWs that they are known to use.




Steve Aoki




Dillion Francis FL Studio

Martin Garrix




Logic Pro

Steve Aoki

Calvin Harris

David Guetta



Dimitri Vegas &  Like Mike


[Source: equipboard.com]

Next time you hear an EDM song on the radio or at a club, there’s a very strong chance it was made on one of these three. Also, as a side note, if you think you have what it takes to make the next party anthem, try downloading a free trial of any of these DAWs and see what you can do. Thanks to technology, anyone can become a producer these days.