Exclusive Website Spotlight: TuneFind.com


Picture this: you’re a week into Winter Break and you’ve just started the second season of One Tree Hill on Netflix. You sit through another painful repetition of the Gavin DeGraw song that was incredible for the first week it headlined on every single radio station in America and then got really, really old. One thing I will credit this show for, however, is its soundtracks (outside of the show’s opening theme song). Anybody who has ever watched a couple episodes of any melodramatic high school television series like One Tree Hill has fallen prey to losing sight of the heinously awful plot progression and character development that plagues these sorts of shows; and one of the reasons for this is the background music. This of course leads to the issue that results when we are not familiar with a song that is playing, yet we love the sound and feel of it. Who wants to wait until the end of the credits to find the list of songs that were played throughout the episode and then back-track to the moment it was played in order to match up the right sound with the right credentials? We've all also found ourselves meddling our way around the Internet searching for song lyrics trying to determine the song, often to no avail! This is where TuneFind comes in. With TuneFind, you can search the television show or movie you are watching, and look through to find the name of the song and artist you’re trying to find. TuneFind is packed with a database of songs and artists, many of which include scene descriptions to help you more easily pinpoint the song you are looking for.

You can even create an account on the site through Facebook and add your own scene descriptions to songs that haven’t yet been archived.

If that wasn’t enough, the site also has a forum-esque portion in which you can log-in and ask or answer music-related questions about songs you’ve heard in movies or television shows. So, if a song isn’t yet listed under the TuneFind database, don’t worry- if it really is just THAT great of a song, ask the entire TuneFind user catalogue!

TuneFind is constantly growing, and only getting more and more thorough. If you are at all like me, I will go to the ends of the Earth to determine the artist and title of a track I can’t get out of my head. And thanks to TuneFind, accomplishing this just got so much easier!