Featured Journalist: Connor Small



This week's featured journalist from the CVBU team is sophomore Connor Small! We sat down with Connor to get his insight on some very important questions. Read his biography and the full interview below! Make sure you read all of Connor’s articles he’s written so far by clicking here.




Major: English – Creative Writing Year: 2015 Hometown: Abington, PA

Connor grew up in the handsome town of Abington, Pennsylvania. The son of two lawyers, both of who sang in their church choir, Connor found an affinity for music at an young age when his parents enrolled him as a member of the church’s cherub choir. He eventually graduated to the recorder in elementary school, as well as the piano. He picked up the guitar at age 11 and the drums at 13, never looking back. Connor began singing in various a cappella groups and performing in musical theatre in high school and now is a member of Bucknell’s very own Bison Chips! Described by multiple sources as having “musical ADD,” his wide range of influences include Passion Pit, Local Natives, John Mayer and Tupac’s hologram, just to name a few. Small only in name, Connor tries to do it big when it comes to music and is thrilled to be writing for Campus Vinyl BucknellU.


What’s one artist or band you’ve always wanted to see perform live, but never got the chance?

Bon Iver - Justin Vernon is one of, if not the most, talented and visionary musicians of our generation. He has a twenty piece band backing him up and every single instrument has a specific purpose. Bon Iver is filled with extremely talented and diverse musicians, and I'd almost compare them to the Dave Matthews Band of the indie scene. So I think it would be pretty awesome to see them perform live.

From start to finish, what is the greatest album that has ever been released?

John Mayer's live album, Where The Light Is, is hands down the greatest album ever released, in my opinion. It epitomizes what a live performance should contain - entertaining banter, virtuoso musicianship and a variety of music styles. The album has three different sections: one with John and an acoustic guitar, one with the John Mayer Trio which is solely blues and the final act is John with his touring band which shows him blending his pop sensibilities with the blues from the previous section. I could listen to that album all day, every day.

When I say “throwback,” you say: 

What up Kris Kross?

What is one genre you believe music could not do without?

The blues. I think a lot of what people hear in today's music stems directly from the blues. I mean, think about it - rock, jazz, country and many pop genres all have roots grounded firmly in the blues genre. To me the I IV V blues progression is like a triangle in architecture, its just a solid progression that supports the multitude of expression above it.

If you had to choose one single line or phrase from a song as your personal mantra, what would it be?
"Pain throws your heart to the ground, love turns the whole thing around, no it won't all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good." - Thats from John Mayer's Heart of Life, and it's gotten me through a lot of tough times in my life.