Femmes Fatales Gone Femmes Fous


Has anyone else noticed that the women in the industry have all started going a bit bonkers or is it just me? I mean men will always be men but it almost seems like it’s easier for women to change their image and get noticed for it. The guys in music tend to follow the same heteronormative pattern in music: sing a love song about a pretty girl, have fun and go wild at parties, and then sing about the occasional condescension of women or the loss of your favorite tractor depending on the genre. But at least for us males, the feminine persuasion has always perplexed us, even those of us who bat for the same team. Let’s take for example four women who have been working on changing their image recently: Miley Cyrus: I think we all saw this one coming a long way out. No longer are the days of Hannah Montana but the days of romping around naked wrecking balls and shameless sexually charged antics at all-night parties. I mean I like the changes that Miley has made but there’s just so much controversy along with it, it’s very difficult to justify in any case. Miley actually just released a documentary with MTV called “Miley: The Movement”. It captures the story of Miley during these past couple months with the release of “We Can’t Stop” and the upcoming album, Bangerz, and what’s on the line for this artist at this critical point in her career. Here’s the link to an article about it on the MTV website. Check it out. There’s a link on that article for the actual documentary itself.

Lady Gaga: It’s safe to say that Lady Gaga always breaking back into the scene with something crazy and new and awesome. For months now, she’s been hyping up her upcoming project/albumARTPOP. She released the lead single of the album, “Applause”, an electro-pop anthem calling for the audience to keep her going. “I live for the applause, I live for the way that you cheer and scream for me.” While crying out for attention when she’s already got our love and affection might seem like over-doing it, just remember that in typical Gaga fashion, she probably doesn’t care about what you think because she’ll just do it anyway and the song is too catchy yet tastefully artsy at the same time. The music video is definitely a work that fits the term “crazy chic” in the sense of both lunacy and creative passion on film… or something like that anyway. Look out for her new album, which is dropping November…



Katy Perry: We all know Katy Perry as our mainstream pop princess who seems to have a thing for candy and cats. While cats remain in her top list of priorities (for now, at least), it seems that the candy and bright colors might be gone from her upcoming album, Prism, set to release October 22, 2013. Three singles for the album have been released thus far: (in order) “Roar”, the empowering lead single; “Dark Horse” a seductive yet darkly tantalizing hip-hop number featuring Juicy J, and “Walking on Air” an electro-dance party anthem. She’s also released a number of teasers for the upcoming album that all mean business from swinging on vines (this whole swinging thing seems to be a trend, don’t you think?) to funerals, to burning her signature blue wig.  I don’t think we should expect as much of the typical Katy as we might have before, even from the last three singles from the addition to her last album. Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. You can find one of the teasers below and also a link to “Roar”, the lead single and music video.




Britney Spears: “Work B**ch”. What a way to release your next lead single and the music video just a day after the 15-year anniversary of the release of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time” her debut single that instantly made her a pop superstar. To me, at least, I can’t seem to figure out where the pop diva’s next album is heading. Laying down the law and guidelines for gaining fame and success in the half-spoken single hasn’t quite made my list of latest pop hits yet. There’s just not much to make the song memorable in my opinion but I’m open to having my mind changed, especially once some clever remixes make their way out of the woodwork. But Britney’s newest image is sure to be one that will cause a lot of buzz once it comes to fruition. All that’s for sure is that the whole thing will be hot, steamy, and undeniably stuck in our heads.



Looking at all of this, I can’t help but think that it’s kind of scary that the societal pressure to win the most attention seems so prevalent across most mainstream music. But then I suppose that’s why it’s mainstream; it gets the most attention. It took a while for women to be able to perform music so many centuries ago. At one point in time, it was indecent for women to perform in any capacity, forget the stages and sold-out stadiums today. For women to break out and be on top or even get noticed, it almost seems that have to be the biggest headline in the paper everyday to forward their career.

But who knows? Maybe men are the ones acting all weird and we’re too blinded to see that and women are the ones making a normal progression in their music careers. That’s inception for you there. I’d just get in bed and start thinking about it now the whole issue now. You’ll probably be awake for a while anyway while you’re on here procrastinating from doing all the midterm work going on. I know that’s what I’m doing [discreetly pulls out textbook and then puts it away without actually opening it…]


(Image Source: devianart.com)