FKJ - French Kiwi Juice


It’s so smooth I can’t believe it’s not butter. It's like nothing I’ve ever listened to. It’s so soulful but rocks hard at the same time. Ladies and Gentlemen, FKJ. FKJ, or French Kiwi Juice, explores funk and techno rhythms while using soul samples as hooks. FKJ’s “The Twins EP” is available for free on Soundcloud. My friend Quinn, who has a hipster friend that lives in LA, turned me onto FKJ. Quinn remarked that his friend in Los Angeles has a music taste that he hasn’t ever seen before. Indeed, FKJ simultaneously grooves so hard and pumps you up. The heavy editing and sampling from old R & B tracks is reminiscent of Kanye West’s early work, but FKJ pairs these samples with techno drum machines and heavy slapped bass lines. This is perfect homework music, and perfect wake-up music as well.

So Groove out to some FKJ, and maybe drink some French Kiwi Juice while you listen. This is a new genre of electronic music, and I dig it 100%.