Fresh Froot Juice: Marina and the Diamonds Releases Her Newest Single


It has been a while since our gal pal from across the pond has given us anything to indulge in, but on October 10th (to celebrate her birthday) Marina and the Diamonds dropped “Foot”her first single off of the upcoming album of the same name due December 16th, just in time to make your Christmas list. Good luck trying to find any details about the album from Marina herself, as the songstress’s homepage remains only a loop of the single and a background of stars- nothing for the hopeful listener to navigate. But never fear! Despite such mystery, the album is indeed confirmed from this famed tweet:

marina pic 2

So while Marina forces us to play the waiting game to find out anything more about her third studio album, we can only assume it will be filled with new wave pop anthems as is her style. While Froot sounds just as you’d want it to from a follow up album (something new and different while not veering in a totally different direction) it lacks the sing-along girl power lyrics familiar in her past singles like “How to be a Heartbreaker” and “Primadonna”.

Nevertheless it makes for excellent background music.  Think of it as one of those “filler songs” which take up the rest of the space on her past albums, those songs which never quite catch on but still make for good listening. There’s something about “Froot” which just seems to melt all together.  There is an excess of pop-synth and foggy vocals that make it hard to distinguish between the different voices of the song, giving it a fantastic “je ne sais quoi.”

Despite my hesitation regarding Froot, I think the album itself is promising. Marina’s records all maintain her ironic pop princess aura, filled with little gems that never quite make it on the singles chart. We can only hope the same holds true for Froot.  Until then, we will have to wait and see, while enjoying the single.

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