Friday's Lineup will be #Epic


Taking place this Friday, March 21stBucknell's newest Spring event, #Epic, will feature live performances by student musicians continuously from 9PM-1AM. Campus Vinyl has an exclusive premier of the lineup, just for you!

9-9:30 - Ben Garner '15 will start the night off with some Djing


9:30-10 - Kappa Sig's Truck Bed Band (Justin Honigstein '14, Christos Schrader '14, Tom Ball '15, Adam Kendzulak '14 & Tony Migliori '14 ) will rock out

Truck Bed Band

10-10:30 - The Black Arts Festival will hold the finals of its Rap Battle


10:30-11 - Lara Murray '16 & Abbie Titus '15 will provide some acoustic vibes


11-11:30 - Eric Gowat '17 & Jon Leung '17 will play cool acoustic jams



11:30-12 - John Chestnut '14 will DJ


12-12:30 - HMS Pinafore (Andrew Kilman '15, Connor Small '15, Ryan Sindelar '15) will play soulful blues jams

HMS Pinafore

12:30-1 - BAES (Katie Wiley-Alt '14 & Connor Schaum) will throw on some late night dance tunes


#Epic boasts an impressive lineup, featuring a range of musical genres and artists that represent every class of Bucknell students. You definitely don't want to miss it!


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