Throwback Thursday: Gin and Juice (The Gourds Cover)


Throwback to the 1990s: one of the most important, yet volatile, time periods for music. Rap was slowly evolving into a whole new genre pioneered by artists like Tupac and Biggie. Grunge music had escaped from the underground and began to masquerade on the Billboard Top 100 list, and there was more than enough room for cheesy one-hit wonders that are still played at middle school dances to this day. In the genre of rap, another one of the biggest names was Snoop Dogg who conquered the rap game with his debut album Doggystle in 1993. On this album is also one of Snoop’s most well known songs, “Gin and Juice”, which has influenced hip hop and rap so much. Yet, this article is not about Snoop Dogg at all.

Fast-forward five years to 1998. The 90s are slowly ending and the music industry is on the verge of making some of its biggest mistakes ever. Oddly enough, a country band by the name The Gourds had the idea to cover a rap song. Of course they chose to do their own rendition of “Gin and Juice”. This time, a bluegrass version. When I first heard about this cover from a friend on my hall I didn’t believe him. A country cover for a rap song, no way. He found it on a random cover website so before I even heard the song the bar was set really, really, really low.

After hearing the song, I immediately looked it up on Spotify. I found it, and listened to it on repeat for the next week. Initially I found this song to be hilarious due to the fact that I was hearing a country singer pseudo rap “Gin and Juice”, but after many listens I realized that this version was also amazing. While they’re both the same song they both sound completely different in their own perfect way. Even though they both came out five years apart both are amazing renditions of the same amazing song and both, but mainly the country version by The Gourds is worth a listen. Look it up on Spotify now! Happy Throwback Thursday!