The Go-To Wine & Dinner Playlist


Often at the end of a long week - or maybe in the middle of one - I find myself craving some red wine and a normal, non-bison, meal. Given finals are right around the bend and it is quickly getting colder, we all need to find ways to keep in mind that that paper you're writing is NOT the end all be all. We also need to remember that the winter shouldn’t stop us from having a good time, because we are really fun people. Personally, nothing is more comforting that sitting down with a few friends and, whether its Sushi Hana, Zelda’s, or a home cooked meal (my preference), grabbing a bottle of wine and real wine glasses (as much as we have all come to love plastic cups, we also like to feel semi-classy sometimes) and relaxing! There are 4 things that are absolutely necessary for this experience:

  1. GOOD food: like really really good. And maybe even a cheese platter if you’re feelin' that.
  2. GOOD wine: let’s all step back from Franzia for a hot sec and explore what the liquor store has to offer. *Handy Hint: check out the chairman select in our lovely Fine Wine & Good Spirits store right on Market St.
  3. GOOD company: that’s all personal preference
  4. GOOD music: and that’s where Campus Vinyl comes in handy!!

Music sets the mood in every context, and the selection is key when you’re going to plan a relaxing wine and dinner night. My motto is: good food, wine, and people deserve good music. And in my opinion the wine & dinner playlist you choose makes the night if you know what you're doing. With the right playlist on hand you’ll forget about that 20 page paper in no time (with a little help from the wine of course).

Here is 1 hour worth of wine and dinner songs that will start the night off right and help elevate the stress that the cold and finals bring along. So grab your friends, relax, eat, try to get the cork out of the bottle without breaking anything, and listen to some good tunes!

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