Guess Who’s Back...


Back again, Shady’s back tell a friend. The lyrics from Eminem’s “Without Me” are coming true, and Shady is definitely back. Eminem, or Marshall Mathers last released a new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, in 2013. However, back in October he released a track called “Campaign Speech” which had no melody but featured his incredible lyrical skills that are rarely matched. Eminem has produced amazing hits with lyrics so creatively formed through his long held tradition of studying the dictionary late into the night, a process in which he constantly thinks of new ways to expand his lyrical repertoire.

Although his new album has no release date, it's rumored to be released sometime before this summer. Despite his previous achievements, I am skeptical that the album will strike success purely because there is so much room for it to fall short of the superlative lyrical standards that Eminem has set in his smashing hits. Eminem’s main issue is that his style is unitarily loud and confrontational, and unlike others in his profession he rarely mixes it up. Instead, he relies on his lyrical genius which has taken him to the top, but with no versatility it’s very difficult to stay on top.

Time has provided Shady with many great lyrical opportunities ranging from his hometown of Detroit, to his grown-up children, and even the election of Donald Trump -- it’s safe to say there’s more than enough material for the lyrical wizard to create something brilliant. He is both dark and comical while harboring a true, authentic uniqueness that no one could replicate for his pace and skill prove far superior.

I always regarded Eminem as the ultimate underdog who overcame a very difficult past and was able to convey his emotions in a way that few artists have been able to do. He is forty-four now, which is basically seventy in the rap world, so the odds are stacked against him yet everyone has doubted him before. Eminem has lived a life of thriving through the shadow of doubt, so I’m sure he is working his tail off in order to make this one as good as any of his other albums. It would be foolish to guarantee a great album, but considering Eminem’s great artistry you never know the potential of something he works on.

People have written him off as of late, but they will definitely remember one of the best-selling artists of all time when he reappears in the music scene. He will likely add to his greatest hits list, but the real question is whether he can be consistent. This might be the last album he makes, so it’s imperative that he gives it his all. Eminem has never been one to share his personal thoughts outside of his music, but he is a truly brilliant and respected artist, so there’s a deserved high level of expectations for his new work.

Image via Wikimedia.