Stop, Hammer time? MC Hammer to Perform at Chrysalis 2014


MC Hammer, the 90's icon who somehow popularized pants that by any other standards would be considered ridiculous, is coming to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Aside from his wardrobe popularity, Mr. Hammer is best known for his insanely catchy and lovable hit, "U Can't Touch This".

In an attempt to appeal to student and adults alike, the Bucknell CAP center has chosen King Hammer to perform at the 16th Annual Chrysalis Ball on April 25th. The choice, however, has perplexed many members of the Bucknell community. Rather than picking an artist with a diverse age range of followers, the CAP center has chosen one who falls directly in between the ages of the people they want to appeal to. Most of Bucknell's students were too young to live through the "Hammer Craze", while most of the adults who will attend were past the age to which this pop culture phenomenon appealed to.

I'll admit, not many people can say they've seen MC Hammer in concert, especially those of college age; and it will be entertaining to watch him do his famous "hammer dance." But does anyone know any of his other songs besides "U Can't Touch This" and maybe "2 Legit 2 Quit"? These hits may be entertaining but his performance has to be longer than 2 songs, and what he will fill it with remains a mystery to me

My intent is not to bash MC Hammer. From what I understand he's considered a pioneer of pop rap and a successful entrepreneur. He's won many awards over his successful career, inducing three Grammys an the International Album of the Year in 1991, and is seen by many as the first "mainstream" rapper. If he were to perform at Bucknell back in the early 90s, I'm sure it would have been one of the highlights of many students’ 4 years. But Hammer's time has passed and the decision to have him perform feels irrelevant and misguided.

To all of those who have never experienced Chrysalis before, I encourage you to attend whether or not you like the choice of performer. It is a great event that brings the Bucknell community together in a pretty unique way. And if you want to practice your "Hammer Dance" or channel your inner 90s child before the big event, check out the videos below:

The classic, wonderful, "U Can't Touch This"


"2 Legit 2 Quit" Live. What an outfit.


Last, but not least, this fantastic Taco Bell commercial...