The Head and The Heart Dig Deep On Sophomore Record


Indie folk-rock supergroup The Head and the Heart broke through in 2011 with their self-titled album. With verses with strong hooks leading into harmony driven choruses, these Seattle rockers know what it means to blend. It took the band a few years to capture the nation’s attention after busking on Seattle street corners; now, the sextet has nothing to worry about. Sophomore effort Let’s Be Still is more of a well-rounded ensemble focusing on incorporating strings through transitions between verses and choruses, while simultaneously making their three part vocal fusion strong as ever. "This is the first time that we produced as a full band. This one is everyone's influences equally present and prevalent throughout the album. I think that comes from being better musicians, more comfortable with each other from two-plus years of touring on the road," frontman Josiah Johnson told Rolling Stone.

            Notable tracks include “Shake”, the album’s single, and “Let’s Be Still,” where they even sound like a modern MGMT in a very interesting and cool way. For the active CV readers, my review on MGMT’s latest album a few weeks ago didn’t rave about the record. However, it’s so awesome to see how modern bands influence each other. To be honest, I was hoping for more of a harmony fueled album – however, with experience under their belt, it’s clear they are maturing as a band and are more tasteful and selective of when to include those killer 3-part harmonies. That’s what I love about The Head and the Heart, and I can’t wait to see them live. I’m excited to see how they’ll incorporate this album into their previous live shows, given that their debut album tracks are more energetic and energy driven. When it’s evident a sophomore effort from a supergroup has clearly shown evidence of maturity, it’s easy for someone like me to appreciate that. Give this guy a listen.

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