Help Me Lose My Mind: Disclosure in Concert


Towards the beginning of this semester, I was fortunate enough to go see the British DJ-ing duo, Disclosure, perform at Terminal 5 in New York City. It was a last-minute decision, and I entered the city that night unsure of whether the trip and tickets would be worth it. Luckily, the music and energy were simply electric, and it was night to remember.

Disclosure is made up of Guy and Howard Lawrence, brothers from Surrey, England. While they debuted in early 2010, the duo really blew up in November 2012 with their hit single “Latch” featuring Sam Smith. And even though it’s now January 2014, “Latch” is still by far their most popular song – it’s addicting, sexy, and it never gets old.  Other notable songs include “White Noise” feat. AlunaGeorge, “You & Me” feat. Eliza Doolittle, and “Help Me Lose My Mind.” When listening to Disclosure, you’ll quickly notice a distinct style to their music. Every song has a specific melody, vocalist, and set of lyrics: all three of which are perfectly tied together to create each individual track. In this regard, their music can be identified for its soft electronic dance beats, always layered with a carefully selected singer and lyrics that perfectly correspond with the tune.


Undoubtedly, Disclosure’s unique character came through at their concert. They opened the show with “F For You,” an upbeat track that quickly hypnotized the crowd into restless dancing and singing along. The brothers stood at opposite ends of the stage, each with his own DJ set-up, instruments, and microphone. Behind them stood a large screen, projecting a bright and trippy image of the “Disclosure-Face” that they are known for. The face, or outline of one rather, would mouth the lyrics of their songs while bright and colorful strobe lights filled the room. Other songs they played included “When A Fire Starts to Burn,” “White Noise,” “Control,” and “You & Me.” While Disclosure’s music tends to be chiller than most EDM, the DJs did a great job of keeping the crowd excited by emphasizing the bass and other beats more so than they do in the recorded tracks.

Disclosure in concert

They finished the show with songs “Help Me Lose My Mind” and then of course, “Latch.” Everywhere you looked during “Help Me Lose My Mind,” there were people shamelessly belting out the lyrics with their arms in the air. The energy of the crowd reflected the sense of the song: no one was thinking, everyone was simply feeling the music and moving to the beat. But when it was over, and the brothers spoke, “We’re going to play our last song, it’s called Latch,” the audience went absolutely wild. It got even crazier, though, when they called Sam Smith out to sing. Seeing and hearing “Latch” performed entirely live was an unreal experience. There were chills as Smith’s unmistakable voice resonated across the venue. The cascading melody leading up to the chorus seemed to last for minutes, and when the chorus finally dropped, the crowd couldn’t contain itself. This vitality lasted straight until the song’s finish, leaving Terminal 5 with a sweaty yet satisfied audience.


If you ever get the chance to see Disclosure live, do so without hesitation. Not your typical concert nor rave, it will truly be a worthwhile experience. Until then, you can check out live performances of “Latch” and “You & Me” below!


(Images courtesy of Tumblr)