Hey Mr. Carter: Lil Wayne Comes to Bucknell


This spring Lil Wayne is gracing Lewisburg with his presence in a historic concert scheduled for April 8th at Sojka Pavilion. The “Got Money” rapper is currently stuck in a legal battle with Birdman, a leader of the Cash Money label, which has blocked the release of Tha Carter V. Although Weezy has been hindered with the ongoing court battle, it hasn’t stopped him one bit; Wayne has kept busy, collaborating on new music with 2 Chainz, a fellow featured artist on Chance the Rapper’s critically acclaimed and popular track “No Problem”. In this feature, Wayne’s signature use of playful lyrics and his colorful personality fit wonderfully into Chance’s song. Even though he’s been in the game a while, there isn’t a shadow of doubt that Wayne can and will bring his A-game to the people who are lucky enough to gain a spot into Sojka to see this lyrical genius whose abilities have been matched by few. A small handful of artists have been able to take rap mainstream, popularize it, and have people from every corner of the world fall in love with it, but Wayne has done just that in his career. His music leans toward the vulgar side, but it is truly playful and quite honestly so much fun to listen to. Tha Carter III will go down in history as one of the best rap albums of our generation, and because of his continued success Lil Wayne sat at the top of the rap world for a good number of years. There was a point in his career where other artists in the industry would do whatever it took to collaborate with him. Even Kanye West fell victim to the Weezy-mania when West, desperate to collaborate with Wayne produced “Barry Bonds” on his Graduation album -- a track beneath both artists who couldn’t quite get their styles to mesh.

Throughout the years Wayne has grown to be known for his unpredictable performances and for his off-stage antics can either be looked at as foolish or wild. Whether he expects it or not, he is destined to be a spectacle to his adoring fans in Sojka and will certainly give us something we will never forget, potentially because of his politically incorrect antics which make him even more adored by some of the doting Wayniacs. Part of what makes Lil Wayne so adored are that his lyrics are simultaneously funny and clever, he claims to have no regrets in his career, and he has always been regarded as one of the most intelligent people in the music industry. Maybe we will hear some news of his ongoing legal battle in which he has accused Cash Money Records of “Holding his creativity back” or maybe we will hear songs from his newest released work his mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait 2.


Whatever it is we are destined for a great show in the intimate venue that is Sojka Pavilion, perhaps an event like none other that this campus has seen. Whether his set list consists of hits like: “Got Money”, “Hustler Musik”, or “She Will” he will undoubtedly keep us on our toes and cheering the whole night. We also have a chance at seeing a guest appearance from someone who has featured on his tours before, but no matter who or what he chooses the entertainment factor is going to be amazing as his uniquely deep voice is destined to permeate throughout the crowd. While there may not be conventional beauty to his lyrics, we are bound to hear some lines that will make the crowd go wild. Since the Cash Money label is certainly going through a lot of turmoil, I believe that it in no way will detract from Lil Wayne’s music. He has already reached the height of global superstardom and his presence is going to be craved by his fans until the day he retires from music. Get ready Bucknell, because in a short time, we are going to be experiencing a quality concert like we have never seen before.


Image via wikimedia.