Hot New Track of the Week: Uptown Funk


[Image source: Direct Lyrics;] Campus Vinyl’s Hot New Track of the Week is “too hot, hot damn!“ Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars is hitting the iTunes Top Songs list hard with the spot at 5 after only a month of being released. This song is unlike anything the iTunes Top Songs list has seen, considering most songs like this one were created before iTunes even existed. Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson brings you back in time to the Disco era mom and dad always talk about, full of hip thrusts and kickin’ beats. This song is the lead single of Mark’s new album Uptown Special, in stores in early 2015. The track features a funkadelic-styled slap bass and synth that can’t help but make your body move, not to mention intertwined with the angelic voice of Bruno Mars. The music world has always consistently recognized Bruno Mars as resembling groundbreaking artists such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince, and I’d say this song really proves that point. This track really is the perfect blend of pop, funk & soul, getting people of all ages up and dancing. This is seen pretty clearly in their recent performance of Uptown Funk on Saturday Night Live.

However, this dynamic duo is no new thing. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson worked together previously on a few tracks for Mars’ 2012 album, Unorthodox Jukebox: “Moonshine”, “Gorilla” and the Grammy-nominated “Locked Out of Heaven”. So, let’s hope that “Uptown Funk” keeps these two working together because what they come up with is a new kind of timeless. Also, I hope these two set an example for other artists out there that it is not always about finding a new sound, but sometimes resurrecting an old one.