Hot Track of the Week: Call Off Your Dogs


You may know Lake Street Dive for their groovy songs and covers, but recently they took a turn towards more pop music. “Call Off Your Dogs” is a recently released single by the indie pop band Lake Street Dive. Their style hasn’t varied much between the first two albums Lake Street Dive and Bad Self Portraits, so when this single came out, fans of the band were shocked and pleased at this new sound.


The song features all four members of the band, plus a few additional musicians to give rise to a new type of feel. Previous albums were very raw sounding, using only guitar, bass, drums and vocals, with an occasional trumpet thrown in. “Call Off Your Dogs” feels almost retro, with many sounds similar to that of disco music. They use keyboards, synthesizers to mimic orchestral instruments, and more reverb than most people hear in their lifetime. Rachael Price’s vocals are still flawless, the choruses are catchy and the song sets up the hype for a new album coming out sometime this February. If you know Lake Street Dive, you know their groovy style. This new single incorporates their unique style with a more upbeat and pop.  


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