Hot Track of the Week: “Cecilia and the Satelite” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness


As a longtime fan of Andrew McMahon’s many musical projects, I was naturally super excited for his return with yet another reinvention, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  Andrew has changed a lot over the years, transitioning from his angstier Jack’s Mannequin days to his latest role as devoted family man.  “Cecilia and the Satelite”, the first single off his recently released self-titled album, is an adorable ode to his baby daughter, Cecilia, who is featured alongside her dad in a music video that can only be described as a cuteness overload.

While the style of Andrew’s music has shifted with time and stage names, the raw vocals and impressive piano skills that define his talent are still as present as ever.  His lyrics flow naturally, producing something relatable, a conversation between him and his audience.  “Cecilia and the Satelite” maintains this honesty with both fans and presumably, years later with his own daughter: “I've loved some girls that I barely knew/I've made some friends, and I've lost some too”.  With a carefree sound and catchy “oh ye oh” bridge, this Hot Track of the Week is perfect for spring listening and summer dreaming.