Hot Track of the Week: “Electric Love” by BØRNS


This week I can’t stop listening to “Electric Love” by BØRNS. I can’t honestly tell you how I stumbled across this one; probably one of those times I scoured Spotify looking for new music (I have serious music ADD). Nonetheless, I’m glad I came across it. The track has been gaining popularity in recent weeks and it’s easy to see why. BØRNS (aka Garrett Borns) is a singer/songwriter from Grand Haven Michigan who released his debut EP Candy this past fall. It’s hard to put his music to a specific genre, but its something of an electro/indie-pop, synth-driven sound. In his first EP, BØRNS showcases his ability as a songwriter, filling the album with upbeat, multi-layered tracks that show his fresh sound. “Electric Love,” is an upbeat pop number that pairs BØRNS falsetto with brightly-lit production that makes it hard not to sing along. The track starts off strong with echoing vocals and a catchy beat. He brings it down in the verse only to intensify the howling hook that is the chorus. What I love even more after reading more about him is that the happy sparkle that is a theme throughout his EP is genuine. He wrote the first track, “10,000 Emerald Pools,” in his “treehouse sanctuary.” Every quote I read from him highlights his sunny disposition and optimistic nature. If you like “Electric Love,” check out the rest of Candy, its chalk-full of sweet melodies and warm lyrics. While he’s only released 4 songs so far, I can’t wait to hear more from him; his music is infectious!