Hot Track of the Week: “Keeping Your Head Up” by Birdy


You may know Birdy for her beautiful and melancholy cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”, released in 2012. She’s back with a dynamic, upbeat single called “Keeping Your Head Up”. Although “Keeping Your Head Up” was released this January, it has already been greeted with lots of popularity and has reached #1 on Spotify’s viral playlist.

The song itself has pockets of slower, pensive verses, which are paired with a more upbeat chorus that brings life to the song. The verses are more similar to most of Birdy’s past tracks such as “Wings” and “People Help the People”. The addition of accented keyboard work to this track is definitely something that sets it apart from all her other songs.

“Keeping Your Head Up” is going to be a breakthrough song for Birdy. It will help her to transform her previously slow and melancholy style into something more variable. By beginning this transition, is it already apparent that she will continue to gain new listeners. Personally, I am a fan of her slower, reflective songs, but I do agree that this shift in style could be very beneficial for her. Although I do approve of her potential shift in style, I am hopeful that she doesn’t begin producing music that is created with the sole purpose of gaining more popularity. Image via