HOT TRACK OF THE WEEK: Let It Go by James Bay



James Bay, a well-known singer-songwriter from Hertfordshire, England released his second EP, Let It Go on May 12, 2014. Following his first EP, Dark of Morning, Let It Go did not gain a significant amount of fame. The track was rereleased in March following his success with “Hold Back the River”. After it’s rerelease, it hit #10 on the UK Singles Chart and from there the song gained worldwide popularity.

“Let It Go” is a song with reflective and emotional lyrics. It’s a great song to listen to alone, on a Sunday, in the rain, or just while studying. Although this song isn’t so new, it’s easy to listen to and doesn’t really get old. What separates this song from most of Bay’s songs is the ambience that it creates when you listen to it. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily a sad song, but it definitely carries a type of gloominess with it. The pre-chorus and chorus introduce some higher tones, which keep the song from becoming completely melancholy. His large vocal range in this song makes for an overall dynamic experience. “Let It Go” is a song perfect for a relaxing, chill afternoon in bed.

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