Hot Track of the Week: “Our Love Will Survive” by Wild Belle


Lately, I can’t stop listening to “Our Love Will Survive”, the new single from duo Wild Belle. The band debuted in 2013 with their genre-bending album Isles, a strong first release that takes inspiration from folk, dance, and psychedelic rock. More recently, they were featured on “Be Together”, a track from Major Lazer’s album Peace is the Mission.  

Throughout 2016, the band has released three new singles with the promise of a new album, titled Dreamland, to release in mid-April. The first two, “Giving Up On You” and “Throw Down Your Guns”, are frenetic in their energy and center around a futuristic rock feel.


The band slows down on “Our Love Will Survive”, a track about the promise of enduring love that’ll hit you right in the feels. At moments, lead vocalist Natalie Bergman’s voice bears striking resemblance to Lana Del Rey’s smooth, seductive murmur, but the production veers towards a slick dance beat that drives the track. I can already tell that the remix potential for this track is endless, and can’t wait to hear more from the multi-dimensional duo’s album.


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