Hot Track of the Week: Swings & Waterslides by Viola Beach


With classes beginning and Bertrand buzzing, the dawning of fall is imminent.  And as excited as we are for trips to Ards and the crisp Bucknell air, summer’s dwindling days have us scrounging for any bit of the season we can get.  Cue “Swings and Waterslides,” the first single from uber-talented indie band Viola Beach. Viola Beach, a 4-piece band from Warrington, England, mixes classic British rock with dance music, channeling the 90’s craze which begun with Big Audio Dynamite and extends to the Space Monkey’s “Sugarcane.”  But while the band clearly evokes the feel of dance-infused 1990’s Britpop, it carries a distinctive and animated attitude all its own.

The band is composed of Kris Leonard on guitar and vocals, River Reeves on guitar, Tomas Lowe on bass and Jack Dakin on drums.  Gaining a major cult following in the North West of England, Viola Beach is now expanding their reach and acquiring international exposure with this latest track, through airplay from XFM and BBC Radio.  The band will be recording with Communion Records producer Ian Grimble (who also produces Catfish & The Bottlemen, Rhodes, Mumford & Sons, and Bear’s Den.)

“Swings & Waterslides” boasts a bubbly, summery vibe, while still maintaining a pronounced rock edge, by highlighting the group’s clever songwriting skills, artistic guitar work, rowdy percussion and playful vocals.  The superbly imagined and constructed indie pop track serves as the perfect intro for Viola Beach and begs the question of what these guys will do next.


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