Hot Track of the Week: Timbaland-Give It To Me (DiscoRazar Remix)


On my way back to school this past weekend after Spring Break, I was bumping a playlist I had recently thrown together on SoundCloud (hit me up @DJYungGramps) featuring some laid-back but funky tracks from various artists, including: French Kiwi Juice (FKJ), Lotso, Rejjie Snow, flybear, and others. Before continuing, I should mention that I highly recommend checking out some, if not all, of the artists listed above, real good stuff. Anyways, a few hours into my journey back to The Buck, my playlist ran out of tracks and SoundCloud took it upon itself to take over aux duties and starting throwing out tracks they thought I would dig. I’ll be the first to admit, after the first few tracks, I wasn’t convinced that SoundCloud was really going to cut it for the rest of my trek; however, just when I thought I had lost all hope, SoundCloud ripped out an absolute fire jam; you could even go as far as to say it was lit. Anyways, after an intriguing, vaguely familiar introduction, the funk was unleashed with an innovative, groovy remix of Timbaland’s Give It To Me. The original, back in 2009, wasn’t too shabby and I probably listened to it religiously when I was in Middle/High School; however, this remix really brought it to the next level. I’m a big proponent of funk and jazz flares in modern music, and DiscoRazar does an excellent job of blending these undertones into the original and producing an overall very enjoyable track.

Speaking to the subtleties of the track, DiscoRazar finds a great balance between the original track and his personal stylings which I think can be difficult as many of the remixes I listen to today are simply too aggressive or over the top for me. While it’s evident that the song has been remixed, it manages to retain the vibe of the original. Anyways, now that I’ve talked about it for long enough, check out the track for yourself and I would definitely recommend checking out the rest of my playlist; it’s short but worth a listen as more will added in the near future.