Hot Track of the Week – Trap Queen


Campus Vinyl’s Hot Track of the Week is “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap. Born as Willie Maxwell in Paterson, New Jersey, the 24 year old was recently signed by RGF Productions thanks to his hit single, which has lately been taking over the airwaves by storm. The song’s success can in part be attributed to its super catchy beat, but it’s the way the lyrics are delivered that makes the track really stand out. Fetty Wap has a voice that is built for hooks, so when the chorus hits you just cannot help but sing along. The lyrics themselves aren’t anything we haven’t heard before from the rap world, with Fetty Wap rapping about how he and his “trap queen” are planning on buying matching Lamborghinis once they make enough “bands,” but what else would you expect from a song that is clearly designed for the radio? Check out the music video below. If you are wondering about the eye, Fetty Wap has stated in an interview that he had congenital glaucoma when he was little and that the doctor was only able to save one.

(Image Source: Instagram)