Hot Track of the Week: “untitled 08 | 09.06.2014” by Kendrick Lamar


To the shock and surprise of everyone (or at least me) Kendrick Lamar quietly released a collection of demos last week. In sharp contrast with the fanfare and overt publicization of recent Kanye West release The Life of Pablo, Lamar’s demos arrived without premise aside from several televised performances. And yet, untitled unmastered. is a record of superior quality, that is perhaps better than any titled, mastered release this year.  

The album reads as a collection of excerpts that define the rapper’s movement towards a style infused with jazz and funk sentiments; this is perhaps most evident on closing track “untitled 08” – a song propelled by a funk groove now characteristic of Lamar’s style, and lyrically comparable to the social commentary on To Pimp a Butterfly.


Following Lamar’s well-deserved five Grammy wins, this collection of demos further solidifies his strenghts as a rapper capable of writing quality music charged with socio-political undertones that challenge the progress of not only the commercial rap industry, but also societal values that define the fans for whom he performs.

Image via Rolling Stone