Hot Track of the Week: Zedd – I Want You To Know ft. Selena Gomez


This past Tuesday Zedd released his first single of the year, a dance hit titled “I Want You To Know” featuring vocals from Selena Gomez He dropped a hint on Twitter and Facebook in the beginning of February, and then later announced the official release date about a week and a half ago. Within one hour of its release, the song had reached the number one spot in the Dance genre on iTunes, and I have to admit, it is well-deserved.

While it is not anything different from what you would expect from Zedd (you can tell it is a Zedd song within the first 5 seconds), I suppose you can’t blame the guy for sticking to both what he knows and what has been working for him. It begins with some filtered, digitized plucks and then opens up to that classic Zedd saw baseline in combination with a lead that is reminiscent of an elephant that we got a lot of in “Find You”.

Though I’m not the biggest fan of Selena as a vocalist, I think her voice complements the song pretty well. Also, after looking into the song a little more I ended up finding out that Selena and Zedd are apparently dating now (take that, Justin Bieber), which kind of makes the whole experience of listening to the song a little more meaningful (she really wants him to know).

Overall, it’s a well-produced and catchy song, albeit very similar to a lot of his earlier work. Honestly, you can pretty much substitute the chorus of “I Want You To Know” with the choruses of almost all of his previously released singles. Whether that’s bad or good is up to the individual; regardless, I don’t think it’s going to change the fact that this song is going to be up on top for a while.

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