Hot Track of The Week 2/4/2015


Introducing … Oh Wonder, an awesome new duo from London. The ambitious pair, Anthony and Josephine, promises to release one new track each month and their ambition has paid off. These two have yet to release a bad song. This month’s track is the smooth, fluid “Lose It.” And it is gold.Lose It” pairs fragile vocals with a gentle and hypnotizing melody, all over the backdrop of a driving, finger clicking, beat. The song’s rhythms are easy and soft but it is far from simple. Each second of the song is dynamic. Oh Wonder’s layered vocals accentuate the depth of their tracks and create an intense air of intimacy.


This track’s cover art is quite fitting, considering the song’s undeniable inspiration drawn from the 1920’s jazz genre. The duo takes on classic 1920’s jazz sounds, but puts a modern and bright twist on them incorporating smooth synths and subtle horns. The tune crosses boundaries into a seeming retro-futuristic world. Think -- Gatsby meets a frat party anthem.

Oh Wonder’s complete album is due out in September. But luckily another track will be released March 1st, holding us over until the real deal drops. Even one month seems like a long time to wait for the next Oh Wonder masterpiece. If their previous releases are any indicator though, they are worth the wait.