Hot Track of the Week: "Babylon"


Campus Vinyl’s Hot Track of the Week is “Babylon” ft. Kendrick Lamar by SZA.


SZA is an relatively new R&B singer that has just released her third studio album.  This album has achieved more attention than her others because she released it under the legendary rap label Top Dawg Entertainment.  TDE signed her during the summer last year after her second album S.

The new album is called Z, and I think its good.  I’m not quite into R&B, but it’s a different listen and a nice one.  “Babylon” is a definitely a nice one and I would wager to be one of the best on the album.  Iconic rapper Kendrick Lamar is on the track and he kills it, as usual.

This track is just showing how much TDE is flirting with the public concerning the rest of their artists.  TDE tweeted earlier in the year stating that all of their artists would release albums in 2014.  SZA was just the next TDE artist to do so.  Kendrick Lamar new album is without a doubt the most anticipated of these releases.  Babylon brings SZA and Kendrick together, and keeps the crowd wanting more.

Features like these bring the fans closer the crux of TDE.  Listeners enjoy their favorite artists on TDE’s, like Kendrick and Schoolboy Q, but in any of their individual albums you are gaining the full TDE experience.  Everyone in the label collaborates and features on each other’s songs, and SZA is just the newest member to the team.  We have a great artist in SZA, and I only hope that signing to TDE will not restrict her musical talents and exploration.

Anyways, “Babylon” is a great song and SZA is a great artist of which music listeners should be aware.