Hot Track of the Week: Carousel- Melanie Martinez


(Photo Credit: Campus Vinyl’s Hot Track of the Week for this week is “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez.  A catchy new track off Martinez’s 2014 EP Dollhouse.  Martinez started out in 2012 as a contestant on The Voice, a televised talent show; though she was eliminated from the show, Martinez signed with Atlantic Records in 2014.  Carousel is a spooky track that was recently featured on a teaser for the new season of the television series American Horror Story: Freakshow.  Martinez is just about to break through to mainstream consumer radio and no doubt will be popping up on your iPod, I know she is already on mine!

There is nothing better than a themed song! Just kidding… but with this I absolutely cannot get enough.  The bells, accordion and general carnival-esque sounds, which normally would irritate me to no end, are done so artfully that it does nothing but add to the unbelievable success of the track.  I love the subtle trap theme that persists throughout this track; it is always pushing forward so the song never lags, despite its slow canter.  Martinez’s vocals are not to be overlooked amidst my praise of this song, however; I want to say it has almost folksy tendencies which, in its contrast with the strong trap beats, is what makes this song so infinitely interesting.  Not to mention the video is delightfully weird.

Martinez is rumored to be coming out with a full length album sometime this October (only a few days left for that to happen--so I’m getting excited!) which will include “Carousel”.

BONUS!!!  This is Melanie Martinez’s first single, “Dollhouse”.  It has the same creepy qualities of “Carousel” with an equally quirky video, and a persisting motif similar to that of “Carousel”.  So if you enjoyed CV’s Hot Track of the Week this week, you’ll definitely be able to get into this! Enjoy!