Hot Track of the Week: Chance The Rapper’s new song “Home Studio (Back Up In this Bitch)”


Campus Vinyl’s Hot Track of Week is Chance The Rapper’s new song “Home Studio (Back Up In this Bitch)”.  This is the latest music from Chance the Rapper after he released the mixtape Acid RapAcid Rap seriously put Chance on the scene with his unique rapping techniques, which include an almost comical “na na na’s,” while also having a really popular song with Twista called “Cocoa Butter Kisses”.

Now finally after the hype from Acid Rap, Chance has released something new!  About four minutes before the song was released, Chance tweeted about his new home studio.  “I gotta home studio.  who gon stop me. tweet #homestudio and I promise a new song.  im back up in dis bitch”.  His large fanbase is clear based on the large number of retweets praising the song since Chance released it.

Chance isn’t the most typical rapper.  He hasn’t made his music digitally available, which is unlike basically every other rapper I can think of.  His music isn’t available for sale on iTunes or even for listening on Spotify.  While his music isn’t available on these common sources, Chance has been able to connect with his fans on Instagram and Twitter.  Seems kind of counter productive to me, but I guess it’s working.

It seems to be working because Chance has found his way to the major music festivals this summer.   He is preforming at Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and various college campuses across the country this year.   Given as how he is preforming at the nations three largest music festivals the low-key attitude has been clearly successful for Chance.

All in all, I’m glad that we finally heard something new from Chance.  He has also been heavily promoting his band, The Social Experiment.  I would expect some more new music from him and his band in the coming months, as he’ll want some new shit to play the concert festivals.

Check out Acid Rap.