Hot Track of the Week: CoCo


Campus Vinyl’s hot track of the week is “CoCo” by O.T. Genasis. The song was released about two months ago, and has since experienced an enormous amount of popularity. Besides being on repeat in almost every dorm and party on campus, “CoCo” has found a particular appreciation from pro athletes as well. It provided the soundtrack for Marshawn Lynch’s now famous “I’m thankful” interview…

…And was the song of choice for an impromptu jam session on the Golden State Warrior’s private jet.

If a reason were to be given for how the song has become so popular, it would definitely have something to do with how catchy and how unintentionally funny the song is. Throughout the entirety of “CoCo”, O.T. Genasis, who grew up in California, raps with a fake Jamaican accent. Furthermore, lyrics like “Baking soda, I’ve got baking soda!” that are accompanied with accentuated hand gestures in the music video contribute to the comedic element as well. Add to this the insanely catchy hook of “I’m in love with the coco!” and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a hit song.

If you aren’t looking for some insanely deep lyrics and just want to bump, then look no further. The lack of seriousness in “CoCo” makes it feel like anyone can jump right in and sing along in his or her best Jamaican accent. Check out the music video below, and fall in love with the coco.

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