Hot Track of the Week: “After the Disco” by Broken Bells


Broken Bells are back!  The eclectic duo composed of James Mercer from The Shins and James Burton more commonly known as Danger Mouse, has finally released its much-awaited album, After the Disco.  The album song, “After the Disco” is Campus Vinyl’s hot track of the week. If you haven’t heard of Broken Bells, the credentials of these guys cannot be missed.  James Mercer is wildly popular through his work as The Shins.  Danger Mouse has produced so many songs that have become massive hits.  “Tighten Up” on Brothers by the Black Keys was such a hit that the Black Keys had to sign him on to produce their next album.

And now, after four years, we get a full album from this duo!  “After the Disco” has a blend of peculiar disco influenced beats that certainly have the Danger Mouse signature funk mixed in.  It seems to me that these guys are unhappy with the vanishing of discos.  Mercer sings, “but after the Disco, all of the shine just faded away.”  He later says, “don’t tell me its not our time!”, which I take as him trying to express that even though the disco is a slight anachronism today, we can still bring it back if we want to.

Well Mercer and Danger Mouse, I’ll agree with you there if you keep releasing music for the untalented rest of us.