Hot Track of the Week - Flume & Chet Faker—“Drop the Game”


Make sure you check out this track: “Drop the Game” by  Flume & Chet Faker. This effort is a collaboration of Chet Faker, a new age electronic artist who harps on jazz-style singing, accompanied with swooping bass comping. The entire video showcases a breakdancer gliding around a dark empty street as the deep rhythms of "Drop the Game" fill out his droning voice and a chorus of "oos". Flume collaborates on this work with Chet Faker to produce a version of what I call "Indie Techno", using the same style of editing and driving meter, but with Indie samples you might find in a Passion Pit or Local Natives piece.

Two up-and-coming artists set to burst out in their respective genres is never a bad choice for hot track of the week. This track bumps.  Period.  The slow vibe of the song, combined with the eerie hook, blend together in this masterpiece.  This track from LockJaw EP is number one on the Australian Indie charts.  When I showed this song to my homies, the general reaction was that “it got great flow and a real hood vibe that the general population will stop at a stand still for.”

Stop at a stand still; this is a must-listen.