Hot Track of the Week: Jaguar is a Jam


Campus Vinyl’s Hot Track of the Week is Jaguar by What So Not. The song was specifically picked for its unorthodox bass drop along with its uplifting melody. It also manages to mix several elements of EDM and hip-hop and consequentially creates an interesting fusion of the two genres. The lead synths, vocals, and the bass are all unmistakably EDM, while the drums are very characteristic of normal trap music. Together they sound fantastic, and it is unsurprising that this hybridization has rapidly risen in popularity as of recently. Jaguar is just one of numerous songs belonging to this new EDM-hop genre, and it would not be a stretch to call it the genre of the future. Besides Jaguar, hits like Turn Down for What and Rage the Night Away are already cementing this new genre’s place in the music scene, and it will be exciting to see how it will continue to evolve. A little known fact is that the artists behind Jaguar are actually the Sydney DJ duo Flume and Emoh Instead. They first started collaborating under the name What So Not back in 2011 with the purpose to just make music for fun, but also to try and push the boundaries by creating songs that make people want to dance and not just fist pump. Since their beginning, they have had a good amount of success with EPs like 7 Dollar Bill and The Quack. Jaguar, nevertheless, continues to be their most commercially successful song as of now. The two Australians currently have been touring extensively, and understandably there has been a lull in new music from them. Hopefully, whatever they come up with next will be worth the wait.


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