Hot Track of the Week: "The Space Between" by Cleopold


This week in music brought us some pretty good releases: Broods dropped a dark new single that was co-written by LordeKaleo released a folk-rock collection, and Usher joined the party with his new track "Crash" (which, full disclosure, took me right back to middle school when "Yeah!" was in its prime). But not to be overlooked was "The Space Between" off of Altitude & Oxygen, the debut EP by Australian R&B artist Cleopold. Though this is Cleopold's first solo endeavor, the artist has collaborated with several big-time groups including Miami HorrorCassian, and Bag Raiders. He's also supporting Chet Faker on tour this summer, which is a perfect match considering their similar catchy R&B sounds. Much like Faker, Cleopold effortlessly mixes genres and moods for a fresh sound. On his new EP, Cleopold is at his best when he balances raw lyrics with polished beats.

"The Space Between" delivers all that, and more. It has plenty of smooth R&B elements, but there's a pop groove throughout the song that takes it to the next level. The high point of the track (pun not intended) is most definitely Cleopold's floaty falsetto during the chorus - it has the same energy as the rest of the song, but with Sam Smith-esque soul that only adds to the song's emotional vibes.

Check out the track below, and let us know what you think!

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