Hot Track of the Week: "Trust" by Flume


This year, Flume made a comeback with his second album Skin, which he released three years after his first self-titled record. Due to the widespread success of this album, the electronic artist recently decided to extend the legacy of the album with a Skin Companion EP I. While both Skin and the companion EP feature heavy usages of synths and syncopated beats, the EP has a few distinct changes, most notably a heavier focus on the beat of the sound, along with a larger use of sound effects throughout each song. Through such effects, the EP detracts from the more mainstream sound of Skin and gives off a more futuristic vibe. Such changes can be prominently seen in the EP’s leading track “Trust.” The tracks opens with syncopated beats, synths, and a combination of electronic drums and sound effects. The vocals begin extremely distorted, but grow clearer as the song progresses. The song features repetitive lyrics that center around a woman’s desire to rekindle things with an old flame, something most of us can resonate with at some point in their lives. The passion of this desire can be expressed through the repeated use of the lyric “Kick my beat back into you.”

The vocals are provided by Isabella Manfredi, a member of Australian band The Preatures. The use of her vocals gives the song the familiarity of a Flume song. While Manfredi collaborated for the first time with Flume in “Trust,” it does follow the well-known pattern of Flume to combine a female vocalist with a upbeat, fast-paced beat, which can be seen in hits “Say It” and “Insane.”

By both combining classic elements of Flume and introducing unfamiliar musical elements and a new vocalist, “Trust” is a memorable track of Flume’s worth giving a listen to. The track can be found on Spotify, and a vinyl of Skin Companion EP I can be purchased on Flume’s official website as well.

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