Hot Track of the Week: Willow Smith’s cover of King Krule’s “Easy Easy”


Okay I know what you’re thinking-- a Willow Smith cover? Is it a new single off Kidz Bop 27? Sure enough, you’re probably remembering (or trying not to) her debut single from 2010 “Whip My Hair”. But before you assume the worst, I beg you to disregard your war-flashbacks of colored weaves thrashing around and recognize that Willow isn’t 9 anymore. She’s 13. Covering a song by King Krule who’s renowned for his hauntingly beautiful voice and soulful melancholies was a brave step for the Disney-Pop-Princess-of-Belair. However, much like Grammy Award Winning 17 year-old Lorde, Willow’s pure talent overrides her age and puts her on the list of people who are younger than me but have accomplished far more. Unlike the original song, the cover does not denote the same sense of tortured despair. Instead Smith’s effortless angelic tone paired with the strumming of the bass evokes a numbing calm in the listener. Without altering the original melody of the tune, Willow’s voice is like silk in comparison to the gruffness of King Krule’s, compelling you to play it over and over.


Willow Smith “Easy Easy”