House Party Artist: Mike Jones


During an 8th grade poetry reading day, a friend of mine read “Back Then” by Mike Jones.   He started with “Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot, they all on me.”  (Click here for a video of "Back Then") Mike Jones made his image by -- to be very blunt -- acting like a baller.  He’s Mike Jones, don’t act like you don’t know his name.  He constantly flaunts the grills in his teeth in music videos and his lyrics remind listeners that his rise up into the limelight has been nothing short of glorious.  So how did Mr. Jones make this ascension?


Mike Jones released his debut album under the name Mike Jones “Who is Mike Jones” in 2005, with popular singles “Back Then” and “Still Tippin” on the Swishahouse label.  “Who is Mike Jones” peaked at #3 on Billboard during its first week.  The record went on to go Platinum.

While some may thought it was a little ridiculous to name his album "Who Is Mike Jones," I thought it was pretty clever.  By naming his album something so in-your-face, Mike Jones was able to spend the entire album answering his own his own question, thus crafting something that is so crucial to an artist's success: image.  And since this is the first time Michael Jones used the rapper name Mike Jones (he was formally known as Sache in a rap group called Souf Folk) he had complete range to re-invent his image in whatever way he pleased.

If shiny grills and a massive on-stage posse of Mike Jones’s buddies interests you, then get on out to Lambda on Friday Night!

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