House Party Weekend '13: TKE x Shwayze


Born and raised in Malibu, American rapper Shwayze (rhymes with daisy) represents everything we conjure up the legendary House Party Weekend to be.  The breezy acoustic quality of his earlier music reflects his California background, and it sets the perfect tone for a chill Super Saturday at TKE.  His lyrics explore a world of constant partying and the free and easy mentality that comes only with youth. Shwayze’s music makes you temporarily neglect your responsibilities and unwind with your best friends. So while we’ll all be in Lewisburg with plenty of work to do, you can channel your laid-back attitude by listening to some of Shwayze’s notable classic including Buzzin (video below), Corona and Lime, Roamin', and Don’t Be Shy. Unfortunately, Shwayze’s longtime mentor and accomplice, Cisco Adler of Shwayze & Cisco won’t be attending the party.  Cisco’s the man behind the majority of the chorus vocals and guitar in Shwayze’s earlier songs including Buzzin (which may as well have been filmed during a Super Saturday here at Bucknell) and Corona and Lime.  Their duo group, Shwayze & Cisco is most notable for their 2011 song and album, Island in the Sun.  This album is reminiscent of the same laid-back summertime feel of Shwayze’s ’08 tracks.  You might also remember the two in their MTV show together, titled Buzzin, in which they experienced all the carefree adventures that they recount in their music.













Shwayze & Cisco

Regardless, you’ll probably find yourself desperately wanting a tan and daydreaming about the beach, caught up in lyrics like, “Come, come summertime, love, love take a ride with me…sweet little nectarine, sit down next to me, take a load off, I think you’re beautiful.”  His music finds its uniqueness here – while he’s without a doubt a rapper, his lyrics are lighthearted and playful, a far cry from what most of rap music implies.  It’s an interesting dynamic between alternative, hip-hop, pop, and even reggae music.  He discusses herbal relaxation and running around with girls, and performs with a corresponding carefree attitude that is unusual in the rap world. This easily makes Shwayze an ideal choice for a House Party weekend performer – on a stressed-out campus, there’s nothing we crave more than to relax and forget.

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She said "Boy you crazy," Nah, I'm Shwayze

Recently, Shwayze has taken a more electronic approach to creating music. His newer songs, like Love Letter, which features The Cataracs and Dev, and his popular track, Get You Home boast hypnotizing upbeat and techno beats, seamlessly blended with subtle hints of tropical percussion.  He maintains his classic attitude toward leisure and youth lyrically, but he has begun to lay these lyrics on top of EDM and dance beats as opposed to Cisco’s customary acoustic guitar. In spite of the techno tracks, he doesn’t fail to incorporate nuances of beachy drums and maracas, keeping in touch with his California roots. This modern, more electronic music contrasts with his earlier instrumental sounds to flawlessly create the ideal setting for TKE’s House Party Weekend: chill by day, rage by night.  You can preview this experience below:

But don’t forget to check out Shwayze live this Friday from 10 PM – 1 AM at TKE!

Influences: Bob Marley, Sublime, NWA, A Tribe Called Quest

Sounds like: MOD SUN, Mickey Avalon, G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars