House Party Weekend ’15: Times Are Changing (Kind Of)


Just over two years ago, we at Campus Vinyl BucknellU were frantically running around, attempting to secure interviews with the plethora of performers that were about to be on campus for one of the greatest weekends at Bucknell. This year – not so much. The second year of unofficial House Party Weekend brought, unfortunately, somewhat of a further decline in musical performances. However, that is not to say that live music was entirely absent from the weekend. Three outside performers (two cover bands and one reggae band) came on Saturday to get everyone excited for the nights that would follow (for more details on that, check out Caroline Carey’s fantastic article). In addition to those three performers, this year’s House Party Weekend saw an increase in student band performances – something that I can totally get behind.

What the weekend lacked, however, were the big name performers. Having had the opportunity to experience two official House Party Weekends, I remember seeing Mike Jones, The Ying Yang Twins, Schwayze, Midnight Conspiracy, 3LAU, even Dom Mazzetti (that probably-now-washed-up YouTube star). Unfortunately, names like that just weren’t here for the weekend like they used to be.

Clearly, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the school’s decision to discontinue House Party Weekend, and this article is not intended to address that. The point I’m trying to make is that I am slightly disappointed by what that cancellation has done to the music scene that used to exist during House Party Weekend. Fraternities would splurge on throwback artists who wouldn’t just perform and leave; you often got the chance to meet and hang out with them. It was a unique experience that really isn’t offered through any other committee or program at Bucknell. As much as I hate to say and see it, I think it is an experience that is slowly on the decline.

Luckily, the school has been much more responsive to our requests to bring more music onto campus. Our organization, for example, has made significant progress in utilizing Uptown to its full potential, and the administration has been mostly supportive. The upcoming Bison Sound festival will feature three bands, one of which we had the pleasure of hosting last semester (The Rooks). This change is a pleasant – and necessary – transition after the decline of outside performers at House Party Weekend. As a graduating senior, I can only hope this change continues, and that the tradition of live music at House Party Weekend remains alive.