House Party Weekend 2013 Review: Yeah, that just happened


If you’re reading this then that means you’ve survived the insanity that is Bucknell’s House Party Weekend.  That’s a good thing because we’re a little less than a year away from House Party Weekend 2014.  But before I get ahead of myself, let’s take some time to reminisce. The now infamous 80’s cover band Judo Chop started the weekend off at Chi Phi at around 6:00 on Friday night.  The weather was cold, but these guys were hot (the two pigs were also hot while they lasted).  Playing all of those classic 80’s hits that made those long car rides with our parents manageable, Judo Chop really started the weekend off right.  They also gave away a ton of free t-shirts and rubber band bracelets which I’m sure you’ll be seeing all around campus.  You can check out a Campus Vinyl BucknellU interview with them here.

Midnight Conspiracy – one of my personal favorites to make it to Bucknell during House Party Weekend – came on at 9pm at Sig Ep. Practically short-circuiting the campus with their light show, their set was nothing short of intense.  Our writer Marcus Schenck managed to snag an interview with the duo (they usually perform as a trio but their third couldn’t make it).

Shwayze came on at TKE at around 10:00, and he had the basement packed.  After the high intensity of Midnight Conspiracy, Shwayze was a perfect contrast.  After playing his huge hit “Corona and Lime,” he definitely had everyone on the same beat. With music that is unparalleled in chillness and a personality to match, Shwayze encompasses everything that House Party Weekend is about.  Check out the interview Connor Small did with the  mastermind.

The last big act of Friday night was none other than – who?  By this point I shouldn’t even have to say it – but yes, Mike Jones.  Coming on stage at about 11:00 on Friday night at Lambda, the Texan rapper was definitely a crowd pleaser. Needless to say, an abnormally high percentage of Bucknellians can now say they have danced on-stage with Mike Jones.

Early afternoon on Saturday will always be one of my favorite parts of House Party Weekend.  Anywhere you go you cannot help but overhear the euphoric sounds of bands playing and students partying.  Hopefully you got a chance to make it to all of the downtown houses, because bands like Log CabinCaSplash, and Truck Bed Band did an awesome job at carrying us through the afternoon.

That is not to say that Saturday night wasn’t fun, however. Invariably, when we are talking about the Saturday night of House Party Weekend, we are talking about 3LAU.  I have been following the EDM scene for a while now, and unfortunately it hasn’t seemed to hit Bucknell yet.  That is why I was beyond excited when I heard 3LAU was coming, and even more excited when I walked up to the quad outside of DU late Saturday night.  This was perhaps one of the most explosive endings we could have ever hoped for this House Party Weekend.

And just as quickly as this wonderful weekend came upon us, it was over.

HPW ’13 is, in my opinion, one for the record books.  From throwback rap artists to emerging hardcore dubstep producers, there was definitely something for everyone this year.  I don’t know about you, but I am slowly counting down the days until House Party Weekend 2014.